The Beauty of Solitude at Uni

2017-10-08 (6)

Okay so as many people know it’s a classic rite of passage to live with students in halls in first year and in a student house for the rest of uni life. But for me, the words ‘student house’ send shivers down my spine and give me flashbacks of my tragic experiences of filthy floors, sticky walls and the though of having to lock my door whenever I leave it would drive me insane! So the fact I live by myself makes me so happy!
Even though I do pay a lot more than any student, the fact I have a place of my own where I can do what I want when I want gives me so much peace of mind! In my flat I don’t have to worry about other people using my bathroom, going in my room, eating my food or anything! I know it sounds lonely but I can’t help but love my solitude! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my friends to bits but being able to go to my own home and spend my evening doing things I love without a care in the world makes me ridiculously happy.
It isn’t a typical way of uni living because I don’t even live with other students in my flat block but that’s what makes my uni life so much better because I can take some time when I get home and dedicate it completely to myself and even though its different to what other uni students do, I couldn’t be happier with the life that I have and the uni friends I have too!
So my advice to anyone in a similar dilemma would be to follow your gut and don’t be afraid to go against the grain and be different to what other people might be doing. If it works for me, it’ll work for anyone!
Love and hugs


My Reasons to Love Living by the Sea

Whenever I’m at a family occasion up North, I ALWAYS get the lines ‘you’re so lucky to live by the sea’ and ‘it’s so much better than being land-locked’ , which up until now are comments that I never took seriously. It was only until I decided to take a look at the recent piece of artwork on the Hoe by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper that I realised how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful ocean city.

There are so many quaint little areas of Plymouth that let you experience Plymouth’s heritage and history, and let you escape the world around you. The Barbican especially is a place that you can wonder along the cobbled streets and be immersed in Victorian and Elizabethan scenery (including retro sweet shops!). Even going down this cute little lane and looking in the little shops helps me take my mind off things.

Another way to help me de-stress whilst wondering the sea front is to sit down and to simply watch the boats go by and before I get told that I’ve advanced to my 60s, don’t knock it until you try it! There is honestly nothing better than popping your headphones in, listening to whatever music you bloody love and watching the boats go by. It lets you take a breath and a moment to yourself and the tranquillity of the ocean put your mind at so much rest.

Of course I’m going to be biased because Plymouth is my hometown but there is so much beauty here. Like I said, I’ve had many a family member give me a speech about how lucky I am for living so close to the sea and after doing a tiny little smidge of tourist-y things, I realise how lucky I am.

Love and hugs

Time to Make Plans for 2018!

So now that there’s only 3 months (yes 3 months!!) left of 2017, I’ve decided to make initial plans for 2018. Me being a sucker for organisation absolutely loves the thought of doing this because then I’m a) not so rushed and b) can focus more time on enjoying myself with the things I have planned! Of course I’m still finalising plans for the rest of 2017 including a trip up to London to see some of by besties and do tourist-y things (of course) and I cannot wait!
One of the main things I want to do in 2018 is travel! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go gallivanting around Australia, but I want to spend some time by myself in a brand new city which is why I’m thinking either Stockholm or Copenhagen! They are such beautiful cities and only a stone’s throw away so it’s not going to take forever and a day to travel back! Going on my own as well will allow me to explore either one of these stunning cities…or both! Plus I’ll be able to indulge in tranquillity by going by myself! It would be the perfect way for me to celebrate completing my degree by doing something for myself.
I also have a plan to plan my 2018 so I can focus on myself a bit more! With this year being dissertation year I know for a fact I’m going to be up to my neck in uni work, so being able to look forward to trips away, events and gatherings etc. and then I can celebrate for real at graduation!
I know this sounds so much like a new year’s resolution post and no doubt my new year’s post will probably be very similar, but I’m glad I get to map this time out now! Like I said, I’m a sucker for organising stuff so I’m super excited to start my plans! I’m also hoping that this post gets you thinking about all the good plans you want to make in the next 12 glorious months!
Love and hugs

365 Pages of Positivity: My Happiness Planner review

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So as part of my New Year’s resolutions, you know, along with the failed ‘go to the gym’ and ‘go on a diet’ ones, one of them (the most important one) was t be more positive about my life and to be more optimistic about challenges that would face me over the course of the year. Just as I was planning on making this my main resolution for the year, I came across the Happiness Planner on Instagram, so me being me, took a little nose into the website and saw how much of a hype there was so of course I thought ‘why not?’ 8 months later, I’m ready to evaluate and can definitely say I’m impressed that I made such a worthwhile purchase!
From an outsider’s perspective, the Happiness Planner looks like a simple diary that has a day per page, but it’s so much more than that! It may ‘just’ be a standard diary that’s separated into each month, but with each month comes a new self evaluation as to how you feel with stress, tiredness etc., and to be honest I never thought that something so simple could have a positive effect on me! Being able to see how much my positivity and happiness improves month by month, which is then proven to me when I complete my end of year happiness reflection and see how I was at the start of 2017!
Another thing I love? The pages. Rather than being just basic and generic, the Happiness Planner pages get you to think about what you’re eating each day, if you’re doing any exercise and most importantly, what you’re excited for. Its such a simple tool, but it lets you remind yourself of what to stay optimistic for everyday! Along with that and the super organised to-do list and schedule sections, on each day there is a positive quote from philosophers, celebrities or other influential people and again, even though it is something small, its something that sticks in your mind all day to keep the negativity at bay and the optimism in your head.
The Happiness Planner may seem like its something ordinary on the outside but its so much more in depth – by being honest about how happy you are each month you can see how much you are progressing just by being optimistic and excited about one thing per day. This planner is without a doubt a fabulous purchase and I can’t wait for a new one next year!
Love and hugs

Autumn and the Reasons to Love It!

So now that summer is officially finished, it’s time for Autumn!! Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season and with it being September means that I can start a clean slate and make it a fabulous year! But I cant help but love Autumn! Nights get cosier, Halloween becomes sooner and I gives you the countdown to Christmas! And I absolutely cannot wait!

Another thing I love about Autumn is the return of jumpers and Pumpkin Spice lattes! The visual image of autumn cosiness! And the thought of not getting judged for wearing a jumper does make me so happy as sad as it sounds! Also, the thought of not feeling suffocated whilst wearing a black polo neck and jeans also makes me extremely happy! Plus! The thought of a Pumpkin Spice latte returning to my coffee cup makes me so excited!

2017-10-08 (1)

Also, the thought of rouge and rust colours that are soon to make a return and the smell of cinnamon in the air makes me feel so autumn-y! Burgundy is without a doubt one of my fave colours to wear because it strangely enough compliments my pale English-rose complexion. And once again, being able to wear it and not be judged for wearing such a dark non-vibrant colour makes me super excited!

But, the thought of Christmas being just around the corner when Halloween is over gets me so excited! It’s always such a magical time of year and even though last year’s winter trip to Prague will be hard to beat and the thought of working in retail at Christmas normally sends shivers down spines, it actually gets me stoked for the festive season.

These are a few of my fave things about Autumn, but there is so much more to love about these fab seasons and it’s safe to say I cannot wait! And I would also love to hear what you guys love about Autumn and Winter too!              2017-10-08 (2)

Love and hugs


Dissertation year – 12 months to sort my life out!!

Hey everyone!
Since this is my first blog post and uni has officially started, I thought that I’d write about my feelings towards third year! It’s safe to say that second year was definitely not the easiest year for me, but even though I’m going into my final undergraduate year, I’m super excited!
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some amazing moments this year. I got to travel to Prague which is such a beautiful city and with me being a lover of Christmas and festivities, walking around the Christmas markets, drinking hot spiced cider and watching the Christmas light show in the middle of the Old Town Square helped to make it one of the best trips I’ve ever had!

I also realised that the friends that matter will stay in contact with you and the memories that I have made with my friends that matter are the ones I will remember the most. I even got a 2:1 at uni which I’m super proud of! But now that I’ve been given the green light for disso, it’s all becoming super real super quick and it’s safe to say – I DON’T FEEL READY!!
But on the flip side, I’m super excited about this year because I’ve made a vow to myself to do things that I want to do, without making excuses! This includes my fab travel plans – even if it means I go alone, I don’t care. I’ll never get a chance to travel like it ever again in my life so the time to do it is now! Living in the moment I think is one of the keys to positivity – being able to look forward to something not only gives you a goal but thinking positively will help to achieve that! And I’ll be blogging about it ALL of the positive things that come my way.

Keep spreading positivity my loves and remember that one random act of kindness can make someone’s day!
Love and hugs

Birch Box review: The best £12.95 you’ll ever spend!



Okay, so a couple of months ago I decided to myself that I would jump on the Birch Box bandwagon and see what all the hoo-ha was about. Now I know why there is such an obsession…they are so fabulous! I subscribed at the end of July so not only did I get July’s box, I got the August box and the limited edition Birch Bag! With the subscription at £12.95 (including shipping), I am so happy with a) the products that they send and b) the time it takes to get to me! It takes about 4 days to get to me which is really a standard time for anything to be delivered! So, what I’ve done is review a couple of the goodies that have been sent to me – although it was a tough decision to choose three!

Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery

When I saw this in my box I was so excited to try it out! My hair has needed some TLC for some time and this provided just the trick! Being completely honest, I was originally a little sceptical. I mean, how does a hair treatment work overnight and all I have to do is shampoo it out and plus, won’t it get all over my pillow? But I was so surprised! The texture of the treatment is velvety and just like a light conditioner and after washing it out and blow drying, my hair never felt so soft, shiny and loved. From root to tip it works absolute wonders and I thoroughly recommend this product!

Buy the Wonder Overnight Recovery HERE – RRP £20

English Laundry Signature Eau Du Parfum

This perfume was the second of my fave products in my Birchbox! Before I got my box, I’d never heard of this perfume before, (and I have a lot!) and when I saw the name and the very regal packaging it came in, I assumed that it would be yet another soapy smelling scent that I wouldn’t be interested in – but yet again I was so pleasantly surprised! Is there no stopping this box of wonder? The perfume is actually now one of my all-time faves and luckly enough is a Birchbox exclusive so it’s super easy to get hold of the full size version! I have a massive thing with quite strong perfumes that are fruity and floral and this ticks every box! I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on this perfume in full size!!

Buy the English Laundry Signature fragrance HERE – RRP £60

Whish Renewing Mud Mask

Okay so there are so many things that I love about this! First of all, I’m a massive of mud masks anyway so as soon as I saw it in my box I was so excited to try it out! And even though it’s made with completely natural products, the maximum amount of time to leave it on is 2 minutes because it’s similar to a facial peel and has the same effects. After using this mask my skin felt so good but looked a little red until the next morning when I saw the full result after my skin had gone back to normal complexion and my skin was so clean and felt so soft! I without a doubt recommend this product if you’re just like me and have the skin of a 13 year old girl and find it hard to get hold of a product that works!

Buy the Whish Renewing Mud Mask HERE – RRP £29
These 3 gems are just a few of the products in my Birchboxes that I love so much! For £12.95 you cannot go wrong and because you don’t know what is coming, its always such a pleasant surprise! Especially if you’re like me and was suffering with horrendous cold when they arrived (it was the best pick me up)! I can honestly say without a doubt this is the best £12.95 a month I have ever spent!
Love and hugs